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We diagnose facial asymmetry and disordered arrangement of your teeth and correct it by mechanical alteration using braces. In case of skeletal mismatch between your upper and lower jaws we do surgical corrections. Different types of braces are currently available including metal and ceramic/tooth coloured ones. Our contemporary style of treatment also comprise of transparent plates designed using CAD CAM which are invisible and can be removed during meal times.

We also do interceptive orthodontics which foresee the probable development of malalignment of teeth and interrupt its occurrence by using various methods like myofunctional appliances, jaw expansion and habit breaking appliances. Tuning of your smile in our Orthodontics section can bring you a sense of confidence and power.


These are fixed replacements to your missing teeth and are cemented over the existing teeth. Crowns act as a cap or covering over the damaged or root canal treated teeth and hence reinforce its strength. Bridges, in the same way with the help of existing adjacent teeth closes the gap of missing teeth. Fixed bridges take the support from healthy natural teeth and replace the missing tooth. It restores the normal functions of chewing, speaking and maintains the facial form. The bridges are mostly made of porcelain fused to metal and range from steel crowns to full ceramic crowns. These are of superior strength and can withstand forces of chewing. They are also durable for long term if maintained properly.

Single crowns are normally used in root canal treated teeth to reinforce its strength. These crowns are placed onto the existing teeth after reducing its structure. These come in full metal,porecelian fused to metal or full ceramic types.


Endodontics / root canal therapy as it is usually known helps in preserving your tooth in case of an unrestorable decay. The procedure involves extripation of the infected pulp and resealing the root canals with a restoration. Usually the root canal treated teeth are liable to fracture and will need a crown/cap to strengthen it.

Root canal therapy helps in retaining a badly infected or a fractured tooth. There are a series of steps involved in a root canal treatment and hence it usually takes two or more visits to complete the treatment, although few cases can be done in a single visit. The process involves removal of the infected pulp of the tooth followed by disinfection of the root canals. Later the root canals are sealed with a restoration. Dental X-rays are taken during the process to ensure accuracy. The tooth normally become brittle after root canal and is liable to fracture hence, a crown is advised to reinforce its strength. Root canal treatments are not painful as anticipated by many because tooth is properly anaesthetised before the procedure so that you can be in a relaxed state of mind.


Dental implants are the most modern solution to replace a missing tooth and it gives you a sense and feel of your natural teeth. These are artificial screws which represent tooth roots and are placed inside jaw bones. The tooth is custom made to fix onto the screws. The most appreciable merit of getting a dental implant is the natural look of teeth, since they are fixed onto your jaw bone. Along with that the speech difficulties faced while using a conventional denture are over ridden. The comfort of having a dental implant is at its best while having a meal. The texture and taste of food can be appreciated well as compared to using a removable denture. Since implants do not take the support from adjacent teeth, these are not compromised as compared to a fixed bridge.

To get a dental implant you might be assessed for good oral and bone health. Adequate bone thickness is a necessity to support the implant scews.Also, few medical conditions and habits like smoking can interfere with success of a dental implant.


Missing tooth poses a compromised appearance, and function of mouth as a whole. We provide various options for supplanting your missing tooth including fixed and removable replacements. Our fixed options include Dental implants which are presumably the best ones as your original tooth, fixed bridges and crowns where custom made tooth and anchoring caps are cemented onto the adjacent teeth, and removable options are dentures which can be removed and cleaned. We also make full mouth dentures which can replace all of your teeth. These full dentures also come under both fixed and removable options.

A removable denture can replace single, multiple or all of the teeth in a jaw. These are most cost effective solutions in replacement of teeth. These dentures also looks estheically good because of natural tooth like appearance and its fabrication does not necessitate surgical procedure as in case of implants or reduction of adjacent tooth as in fixed bridges. These dentures take support from underlying bone and clasps which are attached to supporting tooth. The full denture can take support only from the underlying bone. It might be uncomfortable in the beginning and takes time to get used to the larger structure of the same.


A tooth has to be removed if it cannot be saved by any of the treatments i.e. if the level of damage is very high, it becomes unrestorable. Tooth extraction or removal can be a simple one in which after anesthetising or numbing the site tooth is removed with the help of a forceps. On the other hand sometimes the extraction can be a difficult one in case of removal of wisdom teeth or a previously root canal treated teeth ,or one with curved roots etc wherein a surgical removal becomes necessary by making small incisions on gums and later suturing it. We perform all kinds of surgical extractions with utmost care and make our patients feel comfortable during the procedure. After the extraction medications are prescribed to combat pain and infection. However it takes 1-2 weeks for complete healing.


We do a total makeover of your smile using the tooth veneering technique at our clinic. Teeth that are discoloured, broken or having fractured edges can be rectified by veneering them. A thin layer of custom made tooth coloured porcelain is placed over the desired tooth and you can walk away with a Hollywood smile on your face.

Veneering is one of the cosmetic dental procedures which can solve a number of problems like tooth discolorations, fractured and asymmetrical teeth or to close any minor gaps between your teeth. The first step towards veneering is to determine whether it is suitable in your case. An initial preparation of the tooth structure is necessary in which a small amount of tooth enamel is removed and a space is created to seat the veneer. Additionally an impression is made of the prepared teeth, and after selecting the desired tooth shade it is sent to the lab for manufacturing the veneer.


Gum diseases are one of the leading causes of tooth loss and must be treated at the right time to save the tooth. Our range of gum care treatments protects your gums and helps in reversing your gum diseases. Initially we perform scaling and root planning which is a deep cleaning procedure to remove adherent plaque or calcified debris over the tooth surface. Persistence of the plaque over the tooth leads to inflamed gums and often involves the underlying bone. The common clinical symptoms are redness and bleeding from gums. Deep cleaning procedures restore the normal health of gums and arrest further inflammation. In cases leading to significant loss of bone around the gums we have gum surgeries in which bone grafting and other contouring of gums are performed. Moreover the infected gums can be excised and new tissues are allowed to regenerate with special gum surgeries. These treatments retrieve your gum health and make the underlying supporting bone stronger.


Cosmetic fillings are the complete solution to restore your damaged tooth with a natural look hence called ‘tooth coloured restorations’. These fillings blend with natural tooth colour and are durable. In addition to that they can be used to close minor gaps, correct fractured edges and can alter the shape or size to an extent. Moreover, they can also replace your old amalgam fillings.

Commonly these fillings are synthetic adhesives or ‘composite resins’ which chemically bond with the tooth surface. These fillings are effective for minor restorations and are the best esthetic solution for a restoration. These resins are insoluble in saliva and unyielding to dehydration. Moreover they are cost effective. Durability of a composite restoration closely matches with that of an amalgam restoration but also depends on various factors like tooth position and the technique used.


Bleaching or ‘tooth whitening’ is a procedure in cosmetic dentistry which lightens your tooth shade. We provide in-office tooth whitening procedure in our clinic which is the most common technique. Generally the bleaching agents contain hydrogen peroxide which bleaches the tooth enamel and lightens its colour. Your smile can look brighter and sparkling with this procedure.

Your teeth might look dull or darkened by a number of reasons which includes stains, plaque deposition or due to any traumatic event which leads to pulpal death. Those which are effectively treated by bleaching include stains due to consumption of cofee, sauces, tobacco etc and age related staining. Not all stains can be equally cleared in bleaching, some of which include the ones due to medication or fluorosis in which there are other alternative options in cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening procedure use bleaching solutions which are applied on to the surface of teeth and the shade of your tooth becomes 2-3 times lighter. We provide an in-office tooth whitening kit which can be done in single visit. Also this technique is versatile and gives rapid results.


Our fluoride treatment for kids helps is preventing tooth decay to a larger extent. Fluoride is a mineral which integrates with enamel and makes it resistant to decay. It is applied to the teeth during early ages of a child for about 2-4 times in a year. It can also retard the rate of progress of a dental decay. 

Fluoride therapy utilizes compounds of fluoride such as sodium fluoride to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride helps in remineralisation of teeth and inactivates bacterial action. Fluoride is incorporated into tooth enamel as fluorapatite and replaces the hydroxyapatite crystals. Fluoride therapy is recommended for children to prevent caries. Fluoride is usually applied in gel from or as varnishes. If you are at a high risk for developing caries, fluoride therapy is ideal for you. Fluoride therapy in children is an effective measure to suppress the tooth decay incidents and have lesser chances of getting cavities in future. Natural traces of fluoride can be found in water and these trace amounts are good for health. However fluoride toxicity can occur when more than recommended doses are ingested. Fluoride toothpastes are another source of fluoride which can help in preventing tooth decay. 


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